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Torga's Style Guide

Torga's Guide to Looking Great in Glasses

So, you wear spectacles? Maybe you have your entire life or perhaps a pair of glasses is a new accessory to your daily life. Regardless, your specs should reflect you, your personality and should suit your lifestyle and your face (not to mention actually help you to see!).

Ask yourself: would I wear my running shoes to a dinner party? For most women, the answer is an obvious no. So why do so many women have a closet full of shoes, and only one pair of glasses? At Torga Optical, the design and manufacture of each range of eyewear is exclusive and because there are no middlemen, you can get multiple pairs of great frames for every look, at affordable prices.

There’s a Torga Optical frame to suit everyone and every style. From classic to trendy; sophisticated to quirky; sporty or fun to professional. Your profession, your personal style as well as fashion trends are important variables to consider when selecting spectacle frames. Someone who works in a banking environment, for example, might choose a slightly more traditional style and colour when compared to a fashion designer or artist.

Then there’s your personality and unique sense of style to consider too. What about your mood or a special occasion? The specs that you prefer to wear when relaxing with your friends at a trendy restaurant might be worlds apart from the frames that you feel are more appropriate at a corporate job interview. Torga Optical has fantastic promotions where you can buy multiple frames with great savings. That means you can mix and match your specs to suit your mood or occasion. 

Our focus is You – and your style, which is why we don’t splash our brand all over our frames. Instead we focus on stylish designs and superior quality materials so that you can express your individuality. The Torga design team's mission is to keep up-to-date with the latest European eyewear fashion and style trends. Each pair of Torga frames is manufactured in-house (to keep quality high and costs low!) and out of the very best materials. Each pair is hand-finished to ensure a perfect fit and an even better look!

Torga Optical has over 800 frames from which to choose; and what’s more, our eyewear consultants have been specially trained to help you select frames that compliment your lifestyle, individual facial features, and your style.

There are certain rules of thumb that can help you select the correct frame to suit your face. We have compiled a simple guide to help you select the right frames. Have fun! Start playing with colours, patterns and different materials and experiment with different looks.